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Drone Applications
for every Industry


Drones not only save time, costs and manpower needed for inspections, it also reduces the numerous safety hazards involved in an inspection. Drones capture all important details with precise and clear imagery without getting too close to the object. During the inspection flight, the live image of the drone can be output to additional monitors, allowing several people to participate and provide preliminary inspection analysis’s even during the flight. Thanks to multiple camera options, the operator always remains flexible and can adjust the payload according to the application.

Application areas:

Solar panels
Wind turbines
Other vertical asset

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Fly and perform pre-construction surveys, topographical measurements and project progress reports with precision and efficiency. Our drones are designed to fly repeatable and perfectly-positioned flights over construction sites, providing measurable and demonstrable project data, and helping to identify shrink points, at-risk areas, or security breach points. The ability to integrate with popular project management, BIM, and auto-CAD systems, our drones are fast deploying, safe tools for project managers and site supervisors to monitor and measure progress. This is ideal for early damage-protection evaluation, quality management exercises, and other asset evaluation operations.

Application areas:

Construction work
Construction planning

Search & Rescue

Our Hexacopter drones provide enhanced safety at accident scenes, speed up the process of rescue and recovery, and offer scene management tools via thermal imaging and resource management. Firefighters will acquire the ability to “see” through smoke and rapidly identify hotspots using thermal imaging. When searching for missing persons, time is a crucial factor and rescuers will benefit from the fast-deploying drones. With multiple sensor compatibility, our drones provide the capability to change sensors/payloads in seconds, and enabling multiple datasets for efficient, more informed decision-making.

Application areas:

Fire brigades
Rescue services

Law enforcement


Fast and easy to deploy, drones allow you to clear accident scenes faster and instantly capture incident forensic evidence before contamination. Empower your teams to safely handle dangerous situations, supervise events from the sky with an aerial view, and cover large search areas in minutes instead of hours. Deploying drones prior to entering an area of interest allows for accurate capture of data without contaminating the scene itself. High quality camera systems and dual sensor thermal/low light cameras, with embedded GPS and telemetry data, enables evidence-gathering and examination before investigators and first-responders enter the area.

Application areas:


Security Companies


Drones are also used in other fields of application such as agriculture and forestry, taking advantage of fast deployment and a thermal imaging camera.

But many useful new usages still need to be explored and set into practice. Please let us know what application or use you have in mind, and we from Safe2Drone will help you with your Drone Strategy Development.

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