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Professional Drone Services

Drones (or UAVs) are an amazing technology that have the capability to help different industries deliver massive productivity benefits. Because of their versatile use in combination with different types of Applications they add real value to how data is gathered. This results in more effective decision making, and in cost savings. 

The sky is an indispensable source of vital business data, and Safe2Drone is leading companies the way on how to acquire it.

Our Services
Drone Safety & Awareness

The commercial use of drones is rather new, both for the industries as for the public. It's important that each party involved is correctly informed about what can and cannot be done while using drones.

Licenced Drone Pilots

In need of one or more licenced drone pilots? EASA Open or Specific category, with or without equipment?Single-day or longterm missions, we always find the best match, regardless of the location.

Our Services

Drone Strategy Development

Safe2Drone provides expert drone consulting services to organizations that want to launch a drone program, have an existing drone program that needs improvement or who want to increase their skill level for more advanced projects.

Mobile Command Station

A vehicle build for rapid deploy & fly functionality, and long-term missions. The Safe2Drone Mobile Command Station offers the best of both worlds. It permits operators to fully pilot the camera (for different applications) and analyze real-time footage from inside the vehicle, while the drone is piloted by a licenced, dedicated pilot. Fully equipped with the technologies required to do the job, while offering facilities for 365 days of operations as you were in your own office. 

Drone Operations

Drone Applications for every industry. Ranging from Surveys, Photogrammetry, (Thermal) Inspections, Search & Rescue, Security, ..., or tailer made applications specific for your industry.

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Would you like to find out more about how we work or what we can do for you?  Are you interested in a personal meeting to discuss the different possibilities? Please fill out the form and we will contact you within 2 business days to schedule an appointment.

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